More About Winter

Black Ice roads are not the only invisible threat we encounter in Alabama. Carbon monoxide from you gas furnace is just as dangerous. It comes from small cracks in your heat exchanger. Now I'm not saying you will wake up dead, but if you are a chronic sufferer of headaches or nausea you may be over exposed to carbon monoxide. It is important to have this checked every year.

A warm blanket and a cozy fire are my favorite ways to stay warm in the winter but here are a couple of tips that will help keep you comfortable, safe and lower your heating costs:

1) If you notice soot on your walls around your fireplace, it is likely due to an improperly balanced air system. If you have leaks in the supply ducts that bring heat to each room in the house, your system is making up the loss of air by pulling air down your chimney and through the cracks around your doors and windows. This can create both a dangerous situated and increase your utility costs.

2) Weatherizing your doors and windows is one of the most popular "I get to it later" subjects. However, the money you can save by doing this simple chore is big enough to afford you a nice dinner out with your family. So take the time and then treat yourself to a night out!

3) Keep the leaves and tall grasses away from your outdoor heat pump unit. This unit is designed to have air flow through it. Allowing things to block the airflow with run up your utility costs, shorten the life of your equipment and may be the culprit of an unnecessary service call this winter.

4) Change that filter!