More About Fall

Fall is one of the nicest times of the year in Alabama. The temperature are nice, the air is absent of most pollens and we get to hang out with friends and family under the Friday night lights. You might even fire up the furnace or heat pump to take the first chill of the season out of the air.

Fall is also the time to get that heater ready for the winter so you're not left in the cold. Here are some tips that you can do to get your system ready:

1) Much like the spring, you may want cooling in the afternoon and heating at night. If you don't have an auto switching thermostat, switch on your thermostat from cooling to heating. You may also want to change the program of your setback thermostat.

2) Test Run — If you haven't turned your central Heating system on yet this season, give it a quick test run. By taking this commonly overlooked tip, you'll solve any present problems before the Summer time rush. Or better yet have one of our professionals give it a proper tune-up.

3) Clean any leaves, branches or debris away from the air conditioners outdoor unit.

4) Change that filter!